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Sieve Shaker Machine

Laktas Wire Mesh Pvt. Ltd


We provide highly efficient Sieve Shaker Machine which is ideally suited for carrying out sieve analysis of different materials in dry conditions. The body of Sieve Shaking Machine is made of cast iron and the base is made of M.S. sheet. Top rotating plate is made of cast aluminium complete with arrangement for fixing 8" cum 12" sieves with lid and receiver.

Features :
  • ¼ h.p. Motor CROMPTON for 220/230V A.C. supply.

  • Timer 0-60minutes is provided in the circuit.

  • Rotation of sieve stage 12 per minute.

  • Simultaneous tapping 500per minute.

  • Simultaneous tapping 500per minute.

  • Oil level indicator.

  • Capacity-200-400 grm

  • Single phase AC

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