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Perforated Metal Sheets

Laktas Wire Mesh Pvt. Ltd


Laktas Wire Mesh Pvt. Ltd. is one the leading manufacturing companies in Asia that can offer Perforated Metal Sheets in different thicknesses. The Perforated Metal Sheets are used to make server racks, demanded in Tea Industry, in Automobiles for Creating Light Effects Laundry Equipment like Washing Machines and many more. To cater to the diverse needs, these Perforated Metal Sheets are available with us in different shapes.

Variety Available :

  • Shapes:

    • Round

    • Rectangular

    • Square

    • Conical

    • Rectangular

    • Herringbone

    • Triangular

    • Hexagonal

    • Embossed

    • Stabbed Hole

    • Diamond

  • Metals:

    • Mild Steel

    • Galvanize (G I)

    • Stainless Steel 300 &400 series

    • Copper

    • Brass

    • Aluminum

Used In

  • Agricultural Equipment

  • Ceiling Tiles

  • Stairways

  • Grills, Furniture - Chairs, Table tops

  • Display Surfaces or Shelves

  • Acoustical Insulations - to Absorb Sound

  • Food Industry-Flour Mills

  • Sugar Mills

  • Bakery

  • Malt Mills

  • Rice Milling Lighting Fixtures Filters Industrial

How To Order

  • Metal detail

  • Thickness of sheet

  • Hole diameter in mm

  • Pitch (distance between two hole center to center) in mm

  • Cross pitch

  • Size of sheet length x width

  • Hole pattern

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